In joining Sainte Maxime, we guarantee you:
An organized and responsible management
A management in close coordination with the syndical council of the copropriete
An adapted management for all types of coproprietes: from a few apartments to hundreds.
The preservation and improvement of your life, by putting all our know-how and our expertise at the service of your real estate property.
The service of qualified and available collaborators
A unique and stable representative for handling your requests and answering your questions
Experienced and specialized teams in all the domains of intervention: legal, administrative, accounting, technical...
A perfect transparency
A permanent information of the syndical council (follow-up reports, state of procedures, sending digital invoices in progress for payment agreement, etc...)
Clear and justified fees.
To facilitate your management
Free sending of funds calls by e-mail
A separate bank account
All our services available and grouped in one place (Home - syndic - accounting...)
Then if you are the owner of a real estate property in a copropriete, give us confidence and test our know-how... We are committed to the optimal management of your copropriete in the respect of the regulatory constraints and your requirements. We offer you other services and advantages, as well as practical and innovative
Syndic contract
In contrast to certain practices, our syndic contract is very easy to understand. It does not leave place for surprises or abusive invoices. The fees of the syndic are clearly exposed; whether for its current management services or for some occasional services. These exist in number very limited. Our syndic contract, while respecting rigorously the regulation, extends the maximum service to our clients, while limiting the cost as much as possible. It offers innovative services as well as practical.
Client area Each of our clients sees bring back a personalized code and identifier, opening an internet space dedicated to his copropriete. He can, for example, consult his accounts, download his copropriete's regulation, get the PV of his AG, identify the actors of his residence. Syndical council formation
Each new copropriete is offered if needed to its syndical council for the training of its management in order to facilitate the understanding of the copropriete's operation, for an optimal understanding of our relations and for a perfect understanding of our work methods. We will answer simple to some common questions that are asked by new clients. What are the main actors in a copropriete? Do I need an authorization to do my works? What do I have to pay for charges? How do I distinguish a common part of a private part? I notice a common part's problem that I have to do? How are we assured? etc...
General Assembly management tool
The syndic organizes and animates your AG with the elected members of the board. He has a computerized management tool for the management of the AG's attendance and the writing of the PV which allows participants to focus on the issues of each vote and to all coproprietaries to benefit from a faithful transcription of each decision. The PV is written during the AG, printed and signed at the end of the meeting, then sent to all coproprietaries.
Our quality commitments We take into account your expectations of reactivity, availability and transparency. Reactivity and availability
We put at your disposal a unique syndic contact dedicated to your copropriete, reachable directly and quickly by tel. and/or by mail.
We guarantee a written response (mail, fax or post) to your written request.
We return to your Notary, in the context of your sale project, the dated state, at least 15 days before the date of the deadline mentioned on its questionnaire.
We send you the PV of your General Assembly under 21 days maximum.
We guarantee our visit of control for all accessible works voted in the General Assembly
We commit to perform the agreed number of visits on your residence.
Transparency and communication
You have the possibility to choose to benefit from a separate bank account
We are able to present each year to your syndical council the history of your copropriete's events.
We write a report after each syndical council.
We inform coproprietaries, in the invitation or at the latest during the General Assembly, of their share in the large works to vote.
Trust and simplicity
We offer you an access to your account and to your copropriete's information by our clients' space.
In order to answer to the coproprietare's expectations best, the accounting is done within the agency.
Control and security
We take into account the security and preservation of your copropriete's archives.
In accordance with the article 6 of the decree 2005-240 of 14 March 2005, the syndic is obliged to keep at disposal the originals of all accounting documents.
We pay the invoices of the intervenants under 10 days maximum (under the reserve of available funds).
We require these providers their intervention's sheet or detailed invoice before any payment of service outside maintenance.
We strictly respect the written and known processes of the syndical council in the matter of reimbursement of unpaid charges.
For a better follow-up of your copropriete:
We put at disposal of the syndical council a mobile phone number allowing to contact the manager, including outside the hours of the agency for serious cases justifying an emergency intervention
We communicate with the syndical council members by means of their email address (email), whether for sending quotes, invoices, account reports and more general for all interesting events of the copropriete.
We commit to answer by written to any request of a coproprietary in 10 days.