Our practical sheets

Our practical sheets

Diagnosis of the interior gas installation

The mandatory diagnostics

The "gas" diagnosis must be provided by the seller when the property is used as a dwelling and is equipped with an internal gas installation that is more than 15 years old. It is carried out by a professional diagnostician.
For condominium lots, only the installation in the private area must be diagnosed.

The gas diagnosis is valid for 3 years.
It is included in the technical diagnosis file attached to the compromise (or the promise) and then to thedeed of sale.

The diagnostician checks, without dismantling, the state of the internal gas installation, with regard to safety requirements:

  • - Fixed appliances for heating and production of domestic hot water or using a heat engine, powered by gas,
  • - Fixed gas supply pipes and their accessories,
  • - The layout of the premises where the gas appliances operate, allowing the ventilation of these premises and the evacuation of the combustion products.

Note: the certificate of conformity, issued by the installer and approved by an approved body, after modification work on thegas installation, dating back less than 3 years, replaces the diagnosis of the internal gas installation.